The call for a total ban on assignments in schools, especially at the elementary level, keeps on unabated. The argument is that homework denies most kids of their childhood in terms of engaging in extra curriculum activities. Also, it may prevent them from learning in their own way towards an examination.

These arguments may be valid, but is banning of assignments the only solution? It’s a big no! No matter how students see homework or how much they hate it, a total ban is never an option. Love or hate it, the advantages of home tasks outweighs its shortcomings. Let me school you on why assignments should not be banned.

  1. It enhances communication between teachers and students

Assignments create the best platform for students to have good interaction with teachers. It enables students to reach out to teachers when in need of guidance or feedback on their work. Teachers also use this opportunity to reach their student’s needs, identify their flaws, and motivate them in times of difficulties.

  1. The conduciveness of the home environment

Homework provides students with a conducive and relaxed environment to solve problems. The classroom settings are mostly filled with distraction, pressure, unhealthy competition that curtails students’ abilities. However, at the comfort of their home, students can choose the best time to do their assignments and at your own pace. They are able to read widely on study materials and provide the best answers.

  1. Teaches independence, discipline, and self-responsibility

Assignment imbibes into students a great sense of responsibility, self-discipline, and an independent mentality. On a typical day, students would want to procrastinate on essential activities and later find themselves wanting when deadlines are almost due. This can change with constant assignments. Students know the contribution of nightly tasks to their final grades. Hence, they may be forced to do it and submit on time, knowing the consequences of late submission. Doing this for a long time helps them in the long round.

  1. Test of students understanding

Through homework, a teacher can test students’ level of understanding in a topic taught in the classroom. If most of the students fail, the teacher can get the chance to go over the topic again. On the other hand, a majority pass would be an affirmation of an exceptional understanding of the said topic.

  1. Teaches some life skills

Sometimes an assignment may require two or more students coming together to solve a problem. Group work teaches teamwork, a necessity for future careers.

  1. It brings parents on board

What is so refreshing than parents getting involved in their children’s education are? Assignments present an excellent opportunity for this, as they can assess what their children are taught in school and monitor their performance.  They can also assist them whenever they are in difficulties.


It is understandable for students to feel some apathy towards home assignments. But that is not a license to have it banned from school. Homework has several benefits as compared to its few shortfalls. Also, if teachers are too stick to standards, it wouldn’t be a burden on students. Thus, lots of students search and buy homework online, as it is a fast and easy way to get out of trouble with overwhelming assignments.

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