I have nursed a child who continually gets tired and bored of doing homework. With all my effort to make the child interested in the work, I failed and was exhausted every moment I tried. I then tried the tips below, and right now, the child has improved and pays more attention homework. Here are the tips that I found valuable:

1. I introduced the use of quotes and marble words with the child. Words are golden, and the words uttered by men of high reputation have a lot of effect on the mind. For example, men like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and many other scholars. They sure have so many words of knowledge that will help a student get on track and take my online classes even better.

2. I further acquainted the child with the use of Google. We all know Google gives at least a 90% solution to every question it’s been asked. Homework would have a shortcut on Google and so reduce the time spent on doing homework and help the child concentrate better.

3. I resolved to use pictures and graphical designs to entice the child. Images are an excellent means of communicating information better. I had to choose this method, and it helped keep the child on the seat for a longer time.

4. At the beginning of the homework duties, I ensured that I have a sweet package to give the child. One of the ways to get the attention of a student is to have something to attract them. Buy something like biscuit, ice cream and let the child know it is for him but on the condition of finishing his homework.

5.Positivity is the beginning of motivation, and inspiration is enhanced when the mind is positive about the outcome. I ensured I created a positive environment to study and used positive words at all times around the child. For example, I say to the child ‘you are hard-working’, ‘you are brilliant’. These words get their way into the mind of the child and make him believe in himself. Saying these sweet words over and over will change the child’s mind about the gruesome view about homework.

6. I went the extra mile to understand how best the child learns and assimilates fast, and so I introduced the method. Every child is unique in their way, and the best of each child can only be seen when they are allowed to express themselves. Create a time to see the child do things the way he wants to and help the child get better at it.

Above all, do not force a child to study when they are not interested. When I tried that with my child, I did not just frustrate the child, I successfully frustrated myself as well. Give your child a little breathing space and let them know you do not condone laziness. These tips have helped me a lot, and I believe it will help you as well.

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