Synchronization...LICENSING MUSIC FOR FILM & TV!

Your Music Should Be in the Movies!

Have you ever wondered if your music could be licensed for film, TV, commercials and advertisements?  Well, it should be, and OAG Management can help!  We have meticulously fostered relationships with the world’s largest synchronization aggregators and music licensing services, and we also work with a multitude of independent sync agents, brokers, music supervisors and film editors.  In addition, we have an executive enterprise relationship with Rumblefish, the leading synchronization & monetization aggregator for YouTube and the Internet.  Music Sync Licensing is time-intensive work, yet when your music is finally placed, it not only generates significant revenue, but also champions the word about your brand, artists and creative talent.

What Is Synchronization?

Music licensing for film, TV, video and webcast production involves two aspects of copyright law: synchronization rights and performance rights.  Performance Rights come into play when a production is shown to the public, typically via broadcast or cablecast.  Performance rights are primarily of concern to film distributors and TV and cable stations.  Synchronization, or “sync” rights, in contrast, is involved whenever recorded music is used in combination with visual images in a production.  OAG Management manages both your Performance Rights and Sync Rights portfolio for any and all broadcasts.  Since the use of music in film, TV, video and webcast is not covered by the compulsory license provisions of the Copyright Act, sync licenses for these uses must be negotiated on an individual basis with each broadcast affiliate.

Choose the Right Partner!


OAG Management is partnered with a pioneer in music licensing who has been a trusted provider of music for top TV shows, major Hollywood films, commercials and video games for over two decades.

Objective:  Our goal is to connect our clients' music with as many interesting projects and creators as possible, charge a fair price and pay a fair royalty.

Make More Money:

With OAG Management, your songs are made available for placement with a wide array of sync opportunities, including businesses, websites and applications.  Music licensing has the potential to generate new revenue streams for owners of sound recordings and compositions.


OAG Management ensures that your music not only is available for film, TV, video games, and commercials, but also licensable for the unlimited amount of user generated YouTube videos.  The demand for independent music in existing and emerging video channels has exploded recently, and it’s increasing every month—see below.


Hundreds of millions of people are uploading videos, photos and all sorts of user-generated content.  We’ll track and monitor when your recordings are being used on YouTube for videos (e.g., online videos, presentations, photo slideshows, etc.) and collect licensing fees and ad placement revenue for those usages.  This is called Content Identification (CiD), aka User Generated Content (UCG).  No matter who is using your music, we’ll monitor the usage and collect payments on your behalf!


OAG Management will “tag” all your sound recordings with metadata attributes, including genre, mood, tempo, date added, primary instrument, etc., so that your recordings and songs are easily found by music supervisors, video editors, film houses, agents and brokers around the world.

Experience and Partners:  

OAG Management is proud to be licensing music to some of the most diversified companies and creative business professionals on the planet.  The next wave of licensing for social media, ads, film and TV promises to be the most interesting yet.

The Time Is Now:  

Contact us today, and we’ll show you how your music can be licensed and synchronized for video, motion pictures and the television industry. Get plugged in with OAG Management!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Sync Licensing?


See above.  Synchronization, or “sync,” right is when recorded music is used in combination with visual images in a production.  The use of music in film, TV, video, game, webcast or other various entertainment outlets is not covered by the compulsory license provisions of the Copyright Act.  Sync licenses for these uses must be negotiated on an individual basis with each broadcast affiliate.


Why should I license my music?


Licensing your music for various means (e.g., downloads, radio play, synchronization, etc.) is the primary strategy to generate revenue.  Think of your music as a product that needs to be brought to the public’s eye through marketing and distribution, and numerous channels of distribution act as vehicles to transport your product to the public.  Licensing your music for film, TV and other synchronization applications is one of those channels.


How much money will I make?


Licenses range from $100 for small website usages to $50,000 for major motion picture placements.  The amount depends on the type of placement.  A robust sync portfolio has multiple tracks and as many placements as possible—with the best distributor.  This is where OAG Management can help.  We’ll build a metatag docket for all of your tracks and submit and expose those masters to the right agents and brokers.