Artist Management

Whether you’re looking to get the world’s attention or just make enough money to keep making music, here at OAG Management, we are ready to help you carry out your dreams.  OAG Management can help your band get better shows, sell those shows out, and help you to make more money—but that’s just the beginning!


OAG Management is based out of Pittsburgh, PA, and has been working with solo artists and bands all across the country of all genres.  Bands, DJs, hip-hop and R&B artists, bands, OAG Management can help you take your project to the next level.


Not sure how to get shows in other cities?  OAG can help get you booked outside of your area.  We plan concerts and events in major cities and venues all across the U.S. Unsure about what you can do to improve your live shows?  We know the tips and tricks that can turn your band from cardboard cut-outs propped in front of microphones, to full-on rock stars in front of a crowd. Finally, let’s not forget about the importance of expanding your fan base.  We can help you reach out to new potential fans as well as strengthen your band’s bond with your fans to convert them into die-hard followers of your music.


Everyone knows the importance of recorded music to keep your fans connected with you and your band when you’re not playing live.  OAG can help improve the quality of your songs, and how to record on a budget and release your own records.  We can also help you set up your own merchandising company,  as well as turning your fans into walking, talking billboards for your music!


OAG Management’s Artist Management program is a one-of-a-kind experience for bands and groups of any genre.  Several years of collective experience in the music industry has developed our team's knowledge and skills in order to teach your band how to create success in this business.  Bands that sign up as part of the management program also have access to OAG’s graphic design team, who help you design new logos, merchandise, album art, and more.


Even if one of your band members is acting manager of the band or group, we will work in conjunction with your present manager or management staff to bring further quality and value to your band.  After all, the bigger your team, the better!  For more information on the OAG Management program and the exciting things it can offer you or your band, please visit our sign up page for a free consultation with us today!


When you work with OAG, we help you create and establish a plan for success.  We help you set up realistic goals as well as critique your music and its marketability.  When you’re ready, we can help you set up your tour, and show you how to get press and airplay along the way.  As we help you build your team and name recognition in the marketplace, your band’s brand will grow right before your eyes.