Whether you choose our 100% Global Music Distribution package or our new A-La-Carte Menu service, we’ll ensure that your music & video assets are being fully optimized and distributed! We are proud to offer our Complete Distribution Portfolio to all of our licensors which includes Digital Distribution, Digital Streaming, Synchronization for Film, TV and Businesses, Global Publishing, Content Identification & Monetization, Product Compilations & Licensing, In-Store Media, Video Monetization, Global Sub-Licensing, Domestic & International Performance Rights Registration, Management & Collections, Metadata Construction, Reformatting & Correction, Disc-On-Demand Manufacturing and much more! Contact us and we’ll review your archive to see how we can help optimize your distribution portfolio to its fullest potential!
OAG takes pride in delivering some of the most innovative and results driven services in the industry today. Launch your music to the next level by clicking HERE to view and select the package of your choice and submitting the information requested. Upon receipt and review of the requested information, an OAG representative will contact you to let you know if you have been approved for our services and to discuss details in moving forward.
Music Distribution: Over the past 30 years, OAG Management has provided unparalleled distribution services for music labels and artists throughout the world. We have established partnerships with the top online and mobile retailers, music aggregators, entertainment agencies and multimedia distributors around the globe—and we are expanding our distribution database on a daily basis to ensure that your audio masters are being delivered to listeners, viewers and industry professionals in as many territories as possible. Unlike other distributors that may only submit your music to a handful of retailers (and may also charge up-front costs and annual fees to do so), OAG Management will assure that your masters will be made available, accessible, searchable and beheld by consumers throughout the world.

Through the years, we have developed significant outreach programs to thousands of industry partners—including sub-licensees, music supervisors for film and TV, advertising and commercial agencies, synch brokers, monetization brokers, sub-publishers, video game licensees, broadcasters, performance rights organizations, distributors, retailers, production libraries, labels and more. We may be able to secure overseas master use licensing deals with various regional distribution companies and we qualify emerging online and mobile outlets on a daily basis. In addition, our international mobile Telecom database is growing every year, for both mobile download and streaming services. More info...
Radio Airplay: For 3 decades, OAG Management has been establishing enterprise relationships with most of the top internet, mobile, satellite and cable broadcast providers in the world. All other music distributors attempt to deliver music to only a portion of the major radio broadcasting database. Yet from day one, our business development team has been solidifying partnerships with major radio broadcasters, brokers and agents. We are the only music distributor that provides a complete broadcasting package including Pandora, SiriusXM, iRadio and more!

To provide a complete radio streaming ingestion service, a distributor cannot rely solely on automation because many of the top broadcasters such as Pandora, SiriusXM, and even in-store media broadcasters like Mood Media, Stingray, Music Choice & Play Network, do not accept automated submissions. They accept only manual submissions. In many instances, such as with Pandora and SiriusXM, they still want hard copy CDs sent to them. And in those situations our ingestion team will actually burn CDs on your behalf and mail them to such providers­—all at no extra charge! That’s right! Get plugged in the right way! More info...
Synchronization: Through the years, OAG Management has meticulously fostered affiliations with the largest synchronization aggregators in the world and we also work with a multitude of independent sync agents, brokers, music supervisors, film editors and production music libraries. Music “sync” licensing is time intensive work, yet when your music is finally placed, it not only generates significant revenue, it also champions the word about your brand, artists and creative talent.

OAG Management manages your sync rights portfolio & your performance rights for all global broadcasts. Since the use of music in film, TV, video and webcast is not covered by the compulsory license provisions of the Copyright Act, sync licenses for these uses must be negotiated on an individual basis with each broadcast affiliate. Choose the right partner and get plugged in! Welcome to OAG Management. More info...
Global Sub-Licensing: Your music distribution success is dependent on worldwide sales. Thus, you need to know how the business works outside of your country! Music labels and artists will typically enjoy most of their early success within their specific region, territory or country. Downloads, digital radio, television, Internet, satellite, mobile, album & singles sales (both physical sales & downloads), sync licenses for films, video games and commercial use are the typical applications. All of these methods and channels can generate royalties—sometimes large as in the case of a hit song, good selling compilation album or TV theme and other times minimal as in the case of a webcast performance or small one-time usages.

But what happens when your audio recording or song is licensed by a licensee in a foreign territory—say, in Taiwan, Ireland, South Africa, USA or any other country of the world for that matter? How will royalties be collected, and by whom? What do you have to do to get paid? Those are the questions you need answers to when dealing with any activity in the foreign marketplace.

Global Sub-Licensing is often ignored, yet it is one of the more important services we offer and helps round out your Complete Distribution Portfolio. The good news is that OAG Management specializes in Global Sub-Licensing. Get plugged in to the known universe! More info...
Publishing: OAG Management and its publishing affiliates are celebrating 30 years of award-winning work. We are proud to offer a publishing partner portfolio that utilizes some of the most significant agents, brokers, music supervisor databases and aggregators in the world. We work with 32 international song collection societies around the world. We’ve built our publishing business on four cornerstones of industry excellence: premium service, uncompromising quality, unquestionable integrity, and great results. OAG Management provides secure, quick turnaround, one-stop, turn-key publishing and placement programs that allow your songs to successfully compete in the emerging international marketplace.

Each territory has its own procedures, policies and laws governing the broadcasting and public performance of your songs. In addition, every country has its own collection societies for the negotiation, collection and distribution of performance and mechanical monies—both for copyright owners and writer/publishing registrants. These foreign collection societies and organizations have payment rules that are different from those in the U.S.—as well as possibly taking significant deductions from writer and publisher royalties prior to statements and payments. Some of these societies can be very transparent, and others are not.

Welcome to OAG Management. Get plugged in and experience the difference! More info...
In-Store Media: From 1983- 2003, one of our divisions within OAG Management provided 15,000 retailers, gift stores and businesses with in-store play & sell music. We were regarded as the quintessential leader of play & sell music in the USA. Through this, we developed a keen understanding of consumer and psychographic retail trends. This led to subsequent partnerships with several leading in-store media providers.

Together with our partners, OAG Management canvases the international retail and business marketplace, consisting of 6 continents; 11 million homes; 180,000 businesses; 30 airlines; thousands of bars, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, ice and roller skating rinks and circuses; veterans and fraternal organizations and more. In-Store Media is just another channel to share your music, promote your brand and garner incremental revenue! More info...
Content Identification: Did you know that over 60 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube every minute? That’s a lot of people who need good tunes to match up with the crazy dog & cat videos and glamorous wedding slideshows that users are posting. OAG Management and its CiD affiliates offer complete one-stop Content Identification services on behalf of our label partners. We’ll register, reformat, submit, monitor, monetize, collect, and manage all aspects of quality control including counter-claims and systematic protection of your legal rights for all your sound recordings. More info...
Video Monetization: OAG Management manages hundreds of video channels within the Internet, YouTube and social media sites. We have partnerships with the leading ad placement and content monetization companies in the world. Together we supervise and monetize a growing network of channels on a daily basis. The technology we are using is some of the most advanced in the world today for optimizing the monetization process and is designed to yield the highest possible revenue CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Our audiovisual distribution team will provide full optimization, protection, processing and monetization on most major DMS partner video sites. OAG Management can add significant dollars to your royalty checks as a direct result of our advertising sales and trafficking expertise for your videos—even if your videos are homemade, concert footage or slideshows. More info...
CD Manufacturing: OAG Management is an Enterprise Partner with Amazon’s On-Demand CD Manufacturing, Printing & Distribution service. We provide an incomparable service that puts powerful new physical publishing options in the hands of music labels, licensors & musicians. If you are a music label or a single artist, you now the option of having limitless physical CD inventory, manufactured on-demand, with no upfront costs and global distribution to anyone who orders it at Amazon.com!

OAG Management’s On-Demand CD Manufacturing, Printing & Distribution service allows our label partners to enjoy both traditional and digital distribution methods—all with no extra costs or chargebacks. Yes, that right! More info...
Album Compilations: OAG Management specializes in Album Compilations. We have a dedicated product development and A&R team that works directly with our label partners to ensure that the sound recording compilations are of the highest quality. OAG Management has produced thousands of compilations over the past 30 years and is highly regarded in the industry for doing so. Currently we produce 100 album compilations per month.

Comps provide “pathways” for consumers to discover and embrace the work of new and even established artists. For instance, when an artist is part of a targeted album compilation, then the artist is exposed to 10x the potential consumer base, because as many as 10 different artists might be embodied on the compilation.

Through the years, OAG Management has created private label compilations for some of the most brand conscious companies in the world such as Hard Rock Hotel, National Geographic, Sharper Image, Starwood and Kimpton Hotels, Banana Republic and Pottery Barn, Google and eBay, Discovery Channel and Bravo TV, and numerous more! More info...
Artist Management:Whether you’re looking to get the world’s attention or just make enough money to keep making music, here at OAG Management, we are ready to help you carry out your dreams. OAG Management can help your band get better shows, help you sell those shows out, and help you to make more money—but that’s just the beginning!

OAG Management is based out of Pittsburgh, PA, and has been working with solo artists and bands all across the country of all genres. Bands, DJs, hip-hop and R&B artists, bands, OAG Management can help you take your project to the next level. More info...
Event Management:As a full service meeting and event management company, OAG Management can conceptualize and implement meetings and events of all sizes and calibers. As experts in our industry, we maintain national strategic relationships and an extensive knowledge base that allow us the resources to execute meetings and events at any level. Our understanding of customer service and commitment gives us a significant advantage above the rest. We are very flexible with the services that we offer and can offer our complete list of services in coordinating your meeting or event, or we can offer our services on an individual basis, depending on your needs. More info...
Sound Exchange

Our Service Team Helps Get It Right!

The digital landscape is changing every day. Around the world, criminals are stealing, bootlegging, pirating, and plagiarizing music content at an alarming rate. If your music content was formatted prior to 2014, your master track information may not be up to today’s standards and may be vulnerable (these standards change every year). In addition, many labels and artists have very little information regarding copyright law, protection, infringement, and double-claiming, which complicates matters worse. You may also be experiencing sluggish sales due to improper metadata formatting, music & artwork guidelines, and incorrect registrations with retailers and Performance Rights Organizations. It’s our job to help simplify these matters for you. Once we become your distributor, exclusively or non-exclusively, we’ll assist you with these matters to ensure that your assets are not only optimized for sales, they’ll also be protected around the world.

Questions Abound

Every day our labels and artists ask a variety of questions. Do these questions sound familiar?

“What happens if someone else is claiming my music”?

“How do I know if my current distributor is the best one for my music”?

“How do I choose a distributor”?

“What are the best ways to promote music”?

“Is digital radio diluting my download royalties”?

”Can you get my music on Pandora or SiriusXM; my other distributor couldn’t”?

“How to sell music or how to sell a song”?

“Do distributors also provide music marketing services”?

“Can I get my music placed on new album compilations”?

“How to sell music on Google Play, iTunes and other major digital sites”?

“How to sell music online and reach as many people as possible”?

”How much money can my songs make in film & TV”?

“Is a publicist or music promotion company necessary”?

“How to market music the right way in the digital era”?

“Does my band need to tour to be successful”?

If you have questions, we have answers! The most important element is to work with a distributor that is not automated: a distributor that will actually listen to your music, inspect & reformat all your metadata by hand, build album compilations featuring your music, and deploy your music into the largest distribution network in the world. Get plugged in to your Complete Distribution Portfolio with our team at OAG Management!